Welcome to A-Town Volleyball!  "We are excited to see how far A-Town has come in the past few years and appreciate everyone who comes out to play and support the A-Town tradition.  We hope it continues to grow!  We look forward to seeing everyone at all the great events, tournaments and more.  You never know what will happen.  Come enjoy the fun with our AVA family."   ~ Jason & Angela Freeze

THEN in 2010  NOW 2014


    The dream is that our programs will not only teach youth and adults the skills and strategy of volleyball, but also enhance their relationships with one another, their community and with God.  Volleyball is a passion and talent God has blessed us with, but deeper than that it can be a tool to grow discipline, hard work ethic, and a since of ownership to self and others.  If you want to achieve something you must set goals and work for them, we are here to help.  Sports have been proven over and over to be a great corner stone to success when athletes become a part of the working world.  Also, sport's teach individuals how to interact with others yet take responsibility for their own actions.  Our dream is to help individuals reach their goal, either making their school team, staying active, or just want to get better because of their passion for the game.

    We believe that if properly done, Volleyball can grow in the heart of any individual for life.  Volleyball is a life time sport for any age!  Proper structure, coaching, and encouragement is the key to watching anyone who has a desire to learn volleyball for life; but more than that becoming a stronger, more confident, loving individual.  



    The first A-Town event was the A-town Volleybowl Tournament in 2008.  The second year Jason and his roommate decided to have the 2nd and 3rd annual tournament in the same year to become the most tenured tournament in all the land.  Jason and Stewart started the A-Town tournament's locally in Anderson SC to give their group of friends a place to play closer to home.  For 2 years the tournaments were a great get together for friends to play and hangout.  Then, the next stage began when Jason married Angela in June 2010 and she took things to a whole new level.  The Volleyball Queen met her King and the couple decided they loved running tournament's together.  The passion for volleyball and people started growing into the idea of providing a place to play volleyball, build friendships, and serve those who wanted to come join the fun.  After the 4th annual Volleybowl in May 2010 they decided to have another tournament the next month.  Realizing the numbers did not add up, thus was born the 4.5 annual tournament in June 2010!  Jason first named the tournaments A-Town Volleybowl based on the fact the group played on a field down in a football field in a bowl in Anderson.  Jason and Angela ran 5 outdoor tournaments a summer: May, June, July became the A-Town Blast, and in August the A-Town Nights till the end of 2011.  In 2012 the couple decided based on all the requests to hold indoor tournaments while it was too cold to play outside.  The couple has loved making all their tournaments themed.  In 2013 the A-Town tournaments grew to 11 total tournaments based on request and interest.  Many players/friends had been asking for clinics and individual help to better their skills and become more familiar with the strategy of the game.  This fueled the dream Angela has since 1999.  The Volleyball world brought Jason and Angela together, and now they can build a ministry together as husband and wife.  During 2013 God started opening doors for the couple to start an Academy to further help those with the passion for volleyball, AVA (A-Town Volleyball Academy).  The Academy is offering non-travel Jr club teams, coaching clinics, skill clinics, sports specific training and more.  Who knows what will happen next!  They look forward to seeing what God has in store for A-Town Volleyball.