The A-Town Volleyball Academy was created to allow players from age 8-18 years old the chance to keep working on their skills all year long.  The Academy has many different programs & more programs continue to be added. 




         Program details: 5 month program November-March with average 2 practices a week & 1 local tournament a month, all local.  
        Cost $750 paid in full, or $800 with payment plan (upon request).  More information below.  All areas of the program will be covered at the informational meeting at OPEN HOUSE.
Academy "local" Registration:
               To register for 2017/18 Open House or season:


PRACTICES - Monday & Tuesday @ Civic Center 
9-12yr YELLOW (5th & 6th grade)  5:30p-7:30p
13-14yr GREEN (7th & 8th grade)  5:30p-7:30p
15-18yr RED (9th-12th grade)  6:00p-8:00p

Full ATown Academy "local" Non-Travel Season events, Practice & Tournament Calendar:

I-PHONE / MAC users:
If you would like to keep up to date with events, practices, tournaments and more, then click on this link to add calendar to your google calendar.  You can download the free app to your phone.

More Information:

ATown ACADEMY "local" Non-Travel (November - March)


 Please let us know if you would like to participate and have missed Open House week.  We will complete registration process at a scheduled day and time.  Open House is designed for the girls to meet the coaching staff, other AVA players, be introduced to our core and skill session practice, meet vendors that relate to the athletic world and see what AVA is all about.  Parents we will need you to fill out paper work, attend the Q/A session with Angela, and then enjoy watching the rest of practice.  We will have vendors that are related to athletics set up during Open House for you to visit!  Anderson Civic Center Arena!

   During our basic AVA JR Academy Program we offer 2 practices per week including Core training, Speed/Agility, Team practice, and Skill Breakdowns.  We also schedule 4 tournaments during the season so the players can experience game situations.  Each month the players will be re-evaluated; in some cases we have found a player may need to be move to another team to continue to grow with other athletes at the same level mentally and physically.  The core, agility, speed, and skill breakdown trainings will be as an academy;  We will develope the players to where they are in different colored groups based on age; these different trainings will be called sessions (core session, skills session, etc).  Then, the girls will break off into their specific teams for team practice .  This is an INDOOR COURT program at the Civic Center Arena.  All trainings/tournaments are local. 

   AVA programs are designed to advance individual athletes while keeping the team-play a part of the game.  We are structured different then most "clubs" where we evaluate player as individuals and as a team player.  your player will be placed in a training group,  The trainning group is based on age and ability.  During the practices for November sessions we provide speed/core training as well as skill breakdown sessions; for multiple touches with correct form to start building muscle memory for each skill.  This gives the players time to lock in proper form and the coaches time to evaluate the players to build teams.  At the end of November the AVA staff will develope teams and a team practice session will be added to the schedule for December.  This gives the coaches time to prepare for the "Spike before Christmas" tournament.  ALL PLAYERS come when the schedule says "AVA-ALL"!

    AVA is a little different than most programs.  Here at AVA we are trying to provide an alternative to just participating in a travel club.  AVA is an Academy offering many different types of programs year round!  We like to invite college coaches to attend our Friendship tournaments, ask players to join on adult team for one of our adult tournaments, and continue to add opportunities like playing in tournaments close to the area as another program.  Here at AVA we understand that being an athlete is a life commitment, but we also understand that being home with family and being involved in other interests is also important.   Our programs are designed to Advance Individual Players to the next level by offering many building blocks.




Special Events:  Clemson Volleyball Taigate, Fuddruckers, Skate Party, Parent vs Player Night, Christmas Parade!



AVA will be held in Anderson SC, at the Civic Center Arena at the Anderson Sports Center. Some practices will be off site in Anderson.

AVA will be inviting other club teams, school players to form teams, and anyone interested in attending our Friendship Tournaments.  AVA has also been inviting college coaches to come watch as a recuiting program.  Some tournaments will be help at different sites around Anderson.  First Baptist Church, Anderson Christian School and other locations will be used in the past.

Some practices and tournaments will be help at off site locations.  Locations listed on calendar with "" and the location listed.



AVA offers team placement for girls ages 8 to 18! (Please let us know if your child is younger then age 8 and are interested.  Also, if we have enough interest we would like to form a boys team)  No Coed teams will be made.  AVA is interested in forming a Boys program.  Guys volleyball is on the rise here in the Carolina's and we are looking forward to building both men and woman volleyball in the area.  States across the nation have already started boy's volleyball, we are looking forward to growing the interest here in Anderson SC.



2015/16 - Academy  $750 paid in full ; Payment plan $400 November & $400 January.  No Travel expenses apply due to all tournaments held in Anderson SC.  Other payment plans available upon request.  See Additional Programs page.



November - All players will be given a "Wave" time to come when the calendar has "AVA-ALL" listed - Wave time are between 5:30pm to 8:30pm. 

December - Players will be assigned 2 practice days - 5:00pm to 8:00pm time slots.  Practices will be 2 or 2 1/2 hour practices.

  Practice days for most of season will be Mondays/Tuesdays or Thursdays. Players will practice twice a week on assigned days.

  During practice days there will be a Core Training & Skill session, Daily Disciplines, Speed/Agility and Team Practice. 

  Practice SCEDHULES for each team will be made after open house and placements; schedule is based in regards to amount of players entered into the Academy!  Parents will be contacted by the players coach when team's are set.


Tournament Play:

We keep our programs close to home but we understand that as an athlete the experience of playing in a competitive enviroment is important to building personal growth.  During our AVA program we will hold friendship tournaments at the civic center for all of our AVA team during the season, and we invite other club teams from around the area (Vision, Magnium, Excel, Foothills, Axis and More) to come play against us!  Last year we had A5, Biltmore, Mountain Elite, and others participate in our four Friendship Tournaments. 




                                         Health History HEALTH HISTORY QUESTIONNAIRE.pdf (163200)





                                         Written Welcome & Guidelines ParentPlayerHandbook.pdf (543569)

                                         Player Contract  Code of conduct.AVA.doc (46080)

                                         Daily Disciplines 2014.DailyDisciplines.ava.docx (76900)

                                         Homework for Daily Disciplines  DailyDiscipline.docx (75212)               

                                         Nutrician Tips  real-foods-handout-screenshot.jpg (443935)   

                                         Volleyball Rule Book