Additional Programs





  A-Town offers an Hr Clinic to help players practice basic skills and court knowledge.  These clinics allow the player to keep practicing their skills and lock in the muscle memory movements.  We review each skill and teach outdoor volleyball differences.  This is an OUTDOOR GRASS program.  2 groups are offered;  Beginner and Advanced.  Normally our beginner group consists of mostly 8 to 11 years who have never played before or have just been introduced to volleyball.  Our Intermidiate groups range in ages 12 to 14 years old, and Advanced group ranges in age from 15 to 18 years.  Players have basic skills but want to be pushed to the next level and get reps.  Clinics are also available for your school, club or group of girls.  Upon request clinics can be booked in your area.  Email Angela at atownvb@yahoo.

** April 30th - June 18th (Anderson Location) -

** June 5th to July 5th (Velocity Location) -

** Sepember to October -

Camp:  ATown JULY

    Date: July 16th to July 19th @ Velocity
    Days : 4 days
    Time: Middle School 6:00pm-8:00pm (Court skill development 6:00pm-7:00pm & Speed/agility training 7:00pm-8:00pm)
              High School 6:00pm-8:30pm (Speed/Agility Training 6:00-7:00pm & Court skill development 7:00pm-8:00pm & Scrimmage 8:00-8:30pm)
    Price: $100 Middle School & $120 High School
    *We will have a 1to10 player to coach ratio!
    TEAM Scheduled SCHOOL CAMP

    A-Town also has been booked for TEAM CAMPS around the area in the past year; Including Temple, Wahallah, Easley Academy, Brevard, Rosman High School, Crescent and more.  Your team coach can schedule a 3 or 4 day camp at your school site with Angela for your team!  This is an INDOOR COURT program.  CAMP T-SHIRTS included!!

    ATown has already been booked for most weeks in June, July and August.  To schedule your school Team camp please email

** Your school coach can book your school for an Atown Team camp via email.  We come to you.  Email for dates & times available.


Private / Group Sessions: January to December

  Private or group sessions year round are offered by AVA staff.  Sessions during April to October are OUTDOOR sessions & November to March are INDOOR sessions.  During these sessions all participants will be taught breaks downs to each skill with the muscle memory and proper key steps to each skill, then the players will receive a review email for specific things to work on before the next session along with a training program (by request).  You can request what specifics you would like during your session;  endurance, speed training, skill breakdown, court awareness, critical thinking, etc. 

  Click the link below to submit your day and time you would like to start your appointments.  You will receive a reply email to confirm your appointment.  If someone has already booked the desired slot the email will give you additional options.  This email will also confirm site for session.  Please note: If you wish to pay the day of your appointment you must still hit submit, and see a thank you message.


Tournament: January to December

  With A-Town Volleyball we offer tournaments all year long.  For Jr's we have our Outdoor grass tournaments offered each month from April till November, and Friendship 6-on-6 tournaments from November to March. 

  OUTDOOR TOURNAMENTS:  Read more about The World of Outdoor Volleyball!

  Jr Divisions - Age 12U 4on4, Age 13 & 14 3on3, Age 15+ 2on2

  INDOOR TOURNAMENTS:  The Friendship tournaments are for club teams or groups of girls that would like to play together.  Teams can sign up for any of our Indoor Friendship tournaments and come play against our AVA non-travel teams from November to March.  Last year we had a group of girls who formed their own team called "The Red Flames".  These girls came to all 4 of our indoor tournaments.  These tournaments are always scheduled for Saturdays! Below are more details about our Friendship tournaments and how you can get involved.

  Register for upcoming tournament on the main page!



  Please fill out the Player Registration form (located under "Important Forms") for Open House. If the season has already started you will be contacted by Angela for day and time for the placement evaluation.  Placements and practices will be held at the Anderson Civic Center, unless specified.  Players can join AVA at anytime during the program, however based on the training program the players are building levels of physical fitness, body awareness, court knowledge, and more during each week of the program; so players may start with a "Quick start" program to get them up to speed before we assign them to a team.  You and your child may need to schedule an appointment with Angela to get caught up based on when you start the program.  Players receive a packet of information during the 5 month Non-Travel program to help transition them to the next level of volleyball; both for physical skill and mental awareness.

  This year we have changed some of our programing.  We evaluate all players for the first three weeks of the season (November) to focus on proper skills, muscle memory, and get players up to speed with core strength and conditioning.  Then, a month before the first tournament players will be assigned teams.  After each tournament the players are re-evaluated and moved based on skill and court awareness; Please understand MOST players will remain on the same team all season.  Only 2% of the total players will advance aggressively to be able to move to the next level within our 5 months season.  We have found because all the players are interacting during the core & skill session there is a smooth transition from team to team when players have been moved in the past.  Players are placed on teams based on many different factors.  If you have questions please ask. 

  All players are required to fill out registration for an provide placement fee for a 2-day trial.  This includes AVA gear and evaluation!  Anytime with-in this trial the player can finish the commitment form and make payment for the Academy season. 

5 Month Academy Program

    •         To register for Open House Orientation please click the link listed above.
  • AVA FRIENDSHIP TOURNAMENT :  January-March - "Ages 12 to 18"  (Individual event Commitment) 
  • Any group of players, school team, travel club team can join our friendship tournaments.
  • ATOWN SKILLS CLINICS: November to April - "Ages 8 to 18"  (Individual event Commitment)
  • Registration links & more information coming SOON!
        Monday's 4:30-5:30pm Ages 12-14 @ Civic Center
        Friday's 5:30-7:30pm Ages 12-18 @ First Baptist
        Friday's 5:00-6:00pm Age 12U @ Valocity
        Friday's 6:00-7:00pm Age 13/14 @ Valocity
        Friday's 7:00-8:00pm Age 15+ @ Valocity
  • ATOWN TOTS #2018: January & March - "Jr Tots  4th/5th Grade Training Sessions"  (4 week Commitment)
  • Registration link & more information coming SOON!
  • Intro program for players interested in learning basics with 1 practice a week for 4 weeks.
  • Tuesday's 4:30-5:30pm @ Civic Center


  The Friendship Tournaments are offered to other clubs and even a group of girls wanting to put together a team!  AVA holds the Friendship Tournaments to offer a tournament setting for the Academy with no travel involved.  We like to offer outside teams to come and join the fun to help us give all the girls involved a solid environment to play locally and continue to grow on the court.  ANYONE can come from ages 8 to 18 years old.  We had a great group of girls from Pickens during the 2013/14 season who attended all of our Friendship Tournaments.  They were a groups of 7 girls who wanted to play and enjoy the sport while had shirts made and became "The Red Flames".  They had one of the parents volunteer as their coach and they did very well in all of our tournaments.  We like to think outside the box at AVA and this group of young ladies helped us do that.


REGISTRATION: (If you have a team wanting to enter a friendship tournament;  Fill out Registration form & Waiver & Release of Liability form)

To Register: Click the link below to register your team for the upcoming AVA tournament.  You will receive a verification email of registration.  Watch your email in the days leading up to the tournament for information about the tournament.

WAIVER & RELEASE of LIABILITY:  If the parent will not be attending the tournament, click on the link below to fill out the Waiver form and option to pay if needed.  These forms will also be available at the Check In table on the day of the tournament.


More Information: