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Atown VolleyGobble 2015 Registration

11/25/2015 13:42
A/AA UPPER: 1- Monica, Emily, Bryce, Christian 2- Meredith, LP, Adam, David 3- Cory, Paul, Girl1, Girl2  4- Devin, Ashley, Denise, Guy2 5- Violeta, Evgheni, Zach, Girl2 6- Whitney, Megan, Matt, Brent 7- Alex, Jackie, Jon, Valerie 8- Rob, Chris, Kam, Girl2 needed 9- Amanda, Lyndsey, Russell,...

Atown 8.0 Volleybowl Registrations

04/29/2015 12:12
  AA 1- Nate/Shari 2- Josh/Whitney 3- Roshi/Bri 4- Tommy/Angela 5- David/Katie 6- Meredith/Buddy 7- Dennis/Becca 8-  9- 10- A 1- Laura D/Alex 2- Michael/Britney 3- Denis/Karla 4- Joanne/Michael 5- Maggie/Phillip 6- Bobo/Misty 7- Devin/Jaz 8-...

Atown MARCH MADNESS Adult Coed 4's TEAMS

03/28/2015 21:13
Sunday March 29th COED 4's ADULT TOURNAMENT       TEAMS:   AA/A - Upper: 1. FREEZER BOX - Angela Freeze, Becca, Lee, Brandon (Mix) 2. SPUNK, we got Spunk - Devin Landers, Denise, Guiermo, Chibuzo (GA) 3. LuLu Rocks - Whitney, Olivia, Adam, Carlos (Mix) 4....

AVA March Madness Tournament

02/19/2015 19:01
  Saturday MARCH 28th (Jr's 6 on 6)   Player Waiver Form for "Visiting Teams": Please click the link below to fillout the "ATown Volleyball Academy Release of Liability Waiver"       DOORS OPEN AT...

Newsletter for JR's - June

06/26/2014 12:50
  News for all Jr's!  Read all about programs offered this summer from AVA!  If you would like a monthly newsletter by email, go to the Home page and fill out the "Information Contact" Form.    Let us know if you have any questions! Angela  


06/12/2014 17:37
At the A-Town BLAST you can guess how long Jason's beard is to WIN a prize !!!!  HOW LONG WILL HE LET IT GROW?  Jason does not know Im doing this Contest! (864-221-9244) Text me you name and guess, Month & Day (I hope we don't need a YR) haha.  Free stuff from all our sponsors...

7.5 A-Town Winners

06/12/2014 16:09
AA 1st- Jmac & AY 2nd- Nathan & Kellie   A 1st- Will & Maranda A- 2nd - Alex & Amanda BB 1st- Dan & Ray 2nd- Diego & Ivonne    

Schools looking for coaches

05/20/2014 10:54
There are many schools looking for Coaches! Anderson Christian School, Anderson - Head Coach Riverside, Greenville - JV Coach   ATown Provides Coaching clinic to help prep anyone for the love of volleyball and passion to help players grow the help to step in and coach.  Dont let the...

April 21st Monday Night League

04/19/2014 10:25
Monday Night Grass Coed Doubles League   So far these are the teams registered.  Remember we will be playing 7:30pm & 8:30pm matches (Games 3 to 21)  You will keep your own score and call your own faults.  We will be located on one of the softball fields located next to Lot...

AVA first Parent Clinic

03/05/2014 12:03
AVA held its first AVA Parent Clinic this past season.  Thanks to all the Mom's and Dad's who came out to learn volleyball and play against the girls.  It was a great time and lots of laughs.  Looking forward to having another Adult Clinic coming soon!  A-town volleyball is for...
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