April 21st Monday Night League

04/19/2014 10:25

Monday Night Grass Coed Doubles League


So far these are the teams registered.  Remember we will be playing 7:30pm & 8:30pm matches (Games 3 to 21)  You will keep your own score and call your own faults.  We will be located on one of the softball fields located next to Lot B parking.  Follow the yellow Atown signs!!  FREE play from 5pm till game time, then after matches till 10pm!!



Bubba Swatson - Seth Brendle / Caty Wentzky

Set to Kill - Alecia Parker / Will Frist

J & H - John Sawtell / Holly Gunnels

Jeep Jim - Jim Norman / Partner

Keith's Team - Keith / Partner




Out of Retirement - Dennis Overholt / Mindy Salley

Off Constantly - Dutch Martin / Miranda Wenger

Smash - Ben Orr / Katie Steed

Kat & James - Kat Dean / James Charles

Sonova Beach - JJ Boyte / Sam DelToro

Chris'tinA - Christina Stitt / Partner