Atown MARCH MADNESS Adult Coed 4's TEAMS

03/28/2015 21:13

Sunday March 29th




AA/A - Upper:

1. FREEZER BOX - Angela Freeze, Becca, Lee, Brandon (Mix)
2. SPUNK, we got Spunk - Devin Landers, Denise, Guiermo, Chibuzo (GA)
3. LuLu Rocks - Whitney, Olivia, Adam, Carlos (Mix)
4. Brookhaven Ballers - Lisa Carlson, JD, Sara, Joseph (GA)
5. Quality Mear X - Jeff Huebner, Erin, Chris, Alli (GA)
6. The Fantastic 4 - Justing Keith, Josh, Kathi, Jessica (SC)
7, McCall - Amanda McCall, Alex S, Alex, Jack (Mix)
8. Is it Outdoor Season Yet - JJ Boyte, Ben O, Val, Sarah (SC)
9. Dennis - Dennis, Zach, Jen, Andrea (SC)

A/BB - Lower:

1. Power Tippers - Steven Horgen, Tri, MaryAnn, Paloma (SC)
2. Serdar & the So & So's - Marjory Hamlin, Serdar, Joanna, Michael (SC)
3. J & J Muscle Man team - Jason Freeze, Jeep Jim, Asia, Leah (SC)

Pool Schedule & Info:

Doors open at 11:30am
Games start at NOON!  if u are late u will be marked as 0/21 first game, then 10 min and second game also 0/21.