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INDOOR (Jr's 6's)(Adult Coed 4's)
January: Jr's Saturday January 20th & Adult's Sunday January 21st
Feburary: Jr's Saturday Feburary 10th & Adult's Sunday Feburary 11th
March: Jr's Saturday March 17th & Adult's Sunday March 25th
OUTDOOR : Adult Coed Doubles & Jr's 12U 4on4, 13/14 3on3, 15+ 2on2
May: Saturday May 5th
June: Saturday June 23rd
August: *ATown Nites (start time later and finish under the lights) Saturday August 4th
September: NON
October: Saturday October 27th






Anderson Civic Center at Anderson Sports Complex **Unless Marked; tournament off sites.**

151 Civic Center Blvd Anderson SC 29625

GPS Address:  151 Civic Center Blvd. Anderson SC 29625 (Home-Towne Suites, just beside the entrance into the Sports Complex, drive past tennis courts, and softball fields and take a left into big parking lot.  also see Contact page for google map.)

Example: Information you will see about tournament


 ** T-shirt INCLUDED for 1st 20 TEAMS Registered & Paid online before noon on the Tuesday before tournament.  **Snacks & water included!
 ** HOT months we will have a Water-Slide! :) JUNE & JULY
 ** We do have Vendors coming to this event!  PittFit, Complete Nutrition, Fox Fit Life, and more!
 **If your registration changes in any way, Call ANGELA.


JR's - The Indoor & Outdoor game is different!

 Listed below are Indoor (ID) and Outdoor (OD) specifics.  PLEASE READ



The Friendship Tournaments are offered to other clubs and even a group of girls wanting to put together a team!  AVA holds the Friendship Tournaments to offer a tournament setting for the Academy with no travel involved.  We like to offer outside teams to come and join the fun to help us give all the girls involved a solid environment to play locally and continue to grow on the court.  ANYONE can come from age 10 to 18 years old.  We had a great group of girls from Pickens during the 2013/14 season who attended all of our Friendship Tournaments.  They were a groups of 7 girls who wanted to play and enjoy the sport, they had shirts made and became "The Red Flames".  They had one of the parents volunteer as their coach and they did very well in all of our tournaments.  We like to think outside the box at AVA and this group of young ladies helped us do that.
**NOTE** Tournament T-shirts are pre ordered for $10.  The team registration form has a place to enter t-shirt size for those players interested in a tournament shirt.  At check-in players can pay and pick up their shirt.  Please only fill out the t-shirt size for those requesting tshirts. 
REGISTRATION: (If you have a team wanting to enter a friendship tournament;  Fill out Registration form link below.
To Register: Click the link below to register your team for the upcoming AVA tournament.  You will receive a verification email of registration.  Watch your email in the days leading up to the tournament for information about more details and announcments for the tournament.  If youhave more then 9 players fillout an additional registration form and label with "team name - continued".


Registration for upcoming tournament found on main page


Step 1 - ONLINE registration  - hit link below for registration form

Step 2 - Fill out form (Check "How to pick your level" listed below if you are not sure where you should play)

Step 3 - Pick a payment option - Payment for team must be received to hold spot in tournament!

Step 4 - Hit Submit!  - you will see a "thank you" page pop up and then you will receive a verification email from Atown!


   ***NOTE: paypal button may not show up on cell phones!

   ***NOTE:  you must see a "Thank You" note and your registration has been sent.  If you do not receive a verification email, then your form did not get sent!

   ***NOTE:  Registration must be in before MONDAY before tournament by midnight (Unless noted otherwise) before the tournament to receive GEAR.  There may be extra at tournament for $10!


Step 5 - Check website & facebook event before tournament for announcments and other information in regards to weather, team registration, schedule, etc.


Step 7 - Arrive at tournament and check in, Waiver forms to sign and gear to pick up.


ONE REGISTRATION FORM PER TEAM.  If you are paying as individual then go to the main page, the paypal button and place note with other team members names!  One member of your team must fill out the registration form!

Gear Deadline: Tuesday before tournament, unless noted.  You may still register for tournament after gear deadline date, but will not receive gear, only food!                 PAYPAL - if you are using your phone, paypal may not work from your device. 





 JR -  Ages 16 and under (17yr and 18yr we encourage to play adult BB)
 B -   Beginner Players.  New to the game of volleyball. Developing skills.
 BB - Basic skills of volleyball.  Still new to game, and beginner for outdoor volleyball.  Serve Receive 50/50
 A-    Good athlete with knowledge of mental side of game.  Less errors and more power. Serve Receive Good
 AA - Total package.  Great athlete and solid skills.
 **NOTE** BB Division - A girl with BB guy OR bb girl with A guy (If both players have good control with passing and hitting you MUST play A)




 JR - See drop down menu on Registration form.
 B/BB - Beginner Players.  New to the game of volleyball. Developing skills. 
 A/AA - Good athlete with knowledge of mental side of game.  Less errors and more power. Serve Receive Solid.


For JR's and ADULTS: (NOTE: "O.D." is for Outdoor & "I.D." for Indoor Tournaments)

  For Jr's Volleyball is not just a Fall School Sport!!  We believe that playing volleyball year round is the best to keep having fun and grow as a player.  As Jr players reach adulthood they can stay active in our tournaments and join our coaching staff to give back to the next generation.  The more touches you get the faster muscle memory starts working! :)  A-Town has started an Academy, school of volleyball in the Fall of 2013 to help players continue to grow and gain experience in the sport.  We want to help fill the gap and add programs to keep players involved.  We offer something ALL the time; clinics, camps, one on ones, non-travel club volleyball and more!  A-town volleyball is always looking at helping anyone that wants to play volleyball the chance to play and gain more experience no matter their age.  The best way to get better is not only playing year round, but playing outside!  Playing 2's or 3's will help you get more touches on the ball, read the court better, and have some fun in the sun!

  "OD" - Normal Jr teams are made up of all girls.  If there are guys 16 years old or younger who would like to play, we suggest our coed adult B division.  The B/BB playing level is the same as jr's.  We ask that all 17 and 18 year olds (girls or boys) play in an adult division, based on skill level.  Please contact Angela to be placed in proper division.  Our Adult B/BB division is same skill level as jr's; learning outdoor concepts, basic skills, and making less errors.  This division is normally basic skills with some outdoor volleyball experience. When teams play in the adult coed divisions the teams must be doubles.  Two girls can play together in the adult divisions, but we try to keep all coed divisions.  We have Jr's at age 13, 14, and 15 playing coed doubles.  We are looking at growing the "boys volleyball" in the area, so talk it up to your friends.  Guys normally pick it up quicker so don't be afraid!

  For the Adults we realize there are less programs to play volleyball once you graduate highs school or college, so that is where we are stepping in to provide free play, leagues, clinics and tournaments for you TOO! 


We look forward to getting you involved!  Let us know what we can do to help.  Go to the main page and fill out the "Information Contact Form" form.  You will get email and text updates!



  We set our dates for the summer & spring season a year in advance! Check the Tournament page or calendar page for Dates! All of our tournaments at A-Town are themed tournaments.  The one tournament during the summer that is different then all the rest is the one in August.  It is our night tournament where we start at 12 noon and finish under the lights. Our VolleyBOO is the weekend before Halloween, Dress up as a team and you may win a prize! We also post other tournaments around the SC, GA, and NC area.  

  "O.D." - Normally 9am check in begins.  Net assignments will be a registration tent, but subject to change and will go out right after player meeting, normally at 10am (based on size of tournament and check in, the more nets and ppl it may be closer to 1015am/1030am)  The August tournament is our night tournament so registration opens in the afternoon and play starts at 1pm! Most tournaments to 6 hrs from start to finish for the Jr or B levels, based on the speed of the games.  Most match times are from 30 to 45min.  At Check In grab a waiver form and fill it out before coming up to the table. 

  "I.D." - Normally Adult Tournaments 11:00am check in begins.  12:00pm play starts.  Jr's check in and start times will be posted for each touranement month to month based on number of teams attending.



  At check-in we will ask a parent representative to fill out a flyer and sign a waiver (If parent is not at check-in to sign waiver, then the registration form submitted IS THE WAIVER to approve child to play).  There is a WAIVER FORM if any parent would like to fill it out in advance.   The registration information will help place each team in the proper level for pool play.  You must check-in at the tent/table or your team will not be placed on a net for pool play!!!   Click following link for this Waiver forms!

  Jr's will receive gear/t-shirts after the player/coaches meeting!



  There is a link under the section titled for tournament.  example:  "IV annual A-Town Tournament - May 4th".  Hit the link and it will take you to a form to fill out to register your team.  Make sure once you hit submit and follow the PayPal instructions you check your email for a confirmation email the site will send you.  This means you have registered and paid!  With your entry fee you receive a t-shirt or tournament gear (if registered and paid online by the Tuesday before tournament) and food for outdoor tournaments; We provide breakfast, lunch, and hydration! :)  indoor tournaments food tables are welcome.

  To follow who has registered go to the "News" page.  Here you can track all teams and their level they are playing.  Friday evening before the tournament a list of all teams will be listed.  Pool schedule will be posted Friday evening. (subject to change day of tournament due to teams adding or dropping)

**NOTE: You will see a "Thank You" message if the registration is submitted, and you will receive a confirmation email following!

  If anything changes with your roster, please notify Angela ASAP.


"Outdoor" RULES:

The rules for outdoor are a little different then indoor.  One of the big changes when playing outdoor volleyball is that every 7 points you switch sides.  By changing sides during each set this allows each team to have a fair advantage with the sun, wind, ground, etc!  Other rules include:

*No Touching the NET AT ALL; during or after the play. (Even if the ball is down, if your movement to play the ball causes you to touch the net, its a fault)

*No finger action/tips are allowed; only hits, roll shots, or knuckles. 

*No redirecting blocks & block does not count as a touch.

*Pole to Pole is playable

*No entering the court next to you at anytime

*HAND SETS MUST BE CLEAN (ALL LEVELS) no double or catching the set

*You may play ball with any part of the body

*If the ball hits the Line, BALL IS IN!

*No interfering under the Net

***Hand-receive balls: 1) NO hand-receive a serve 2) in rally you may double the first ball if it is hard driven 3) if you hand-receive the first ball that is not hard driven it MUST come out clean. aka: like it is sitting on the group still!!


Specific FOR JR's:

 No open hand receive at all!

**Note: Parents are NOT allowed to be on the side-lines of the court.  

***Note: Ref team must have an up ref, scores keeper, and down ref.  The refing team must be court side.  Whistles will be used for Jr's!



  Each team will have a schedule for the day. You will either sit, play of ref!  After the player's/coaches meeting the pool monitor will hand out the clipboards with your schedule and team breakdown.  You are guaranteed 9 games. 3 team pools - 3 games to 21, cap 23. 4 team pools - 2 games to 25, cap 27. 5 team pools - 2 games to 21, cap 23.

  JR's & BB level the Matches take about 30 min, and A & AA levels the matches take around 45 min.


FOR JR's PLAY-OFFS & WINNERS: However, based on registration normally the top 2 of 4 team net, or 3 of a 5 team net will advance.

  Once pool play is over, all teams in your level will be ranked based on W/L record, then points spread if needed.  For playoffs teams stay in brackets.   

  "O.D." - When dividing teams into levels for pool play there are a couple of factors used:  Age, if the team members have participated in indoor or outdoor tournaments before, years of experience playing volleyball, skill level, and more.  If the pools are mixed with upper and lower levels, DO NOT WORRY!  Sometimes during pool play there may be a team that seems to be better or worse compared to others, once pool play is over the teams will be playing against teams of the same skill level for playoffs.   Remember, if the pools are assigned with all of the same levels (13U, 14U, or 16U) then the division is set, then levels will not be mixed during playoffs.

   A-Town has decided that the Winners for Jrs will receive prizes!  Must be 4 teams in each level for prizes to apply.


FOR ADULTS PLAY-OFFS & WINNERS:  Top 2 off each net regardless is it is a 4 or 5 team pool (Unless noted at players meeting)  EACH point counts because your seeding is based on 1) your win/Lose Record, then 2) over all points difference, then if needed 3) head to head for a tie.  NOONE will be eliminated from pool play to playoffs by points.  If there is a tie on the net between 2 teams, a one game to 21 will be played.  If there is a tie between three teams for the 2nd spot, the team with the most point difference will take the first spot then the 2nd and 3rd team will play one game to 21 for a chance to play the 1st team for one game to 21 for the play-off spot.

   All teams from all the nets will be ranked in order by Win/Lose and Point Difference.  Then played in the play-off grid!   Play-off format is 1 game to 25 until the finals, then teams play 2 out of 3 (21/21/15).  If the Simi Round is starting before 6pm then the teams playing can decide 2 out of 3 (21/21/15) OR 1 game to 25.

   A-Town has decided that the Winners will receive balls and cash, and 2nd balls (based on level 2nd play may receive cash or additional prize)



  "O.D." Suggested things to bring:  Sunscreen, sunglasses, chairs, tent, towel, change of clothes, bug spray, hat, and WATER!



We will provide balls for each court! OR we have Balls for sale at the tournament for $35.

Food tables are allowed, just like indoor tournaments to keep your Jr's fuled.

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