(2017/18 Season updates in progress)

A-Town Volleyball Academy STAFF 

Angela Freeze -  Co-Director & Owner - Lead Master Coach (19+ yrs) 

Angela has been coaching for over 19 years from Developmental to the College level.  She has coached club for 15 seasons in three different states and has been running camps for middle school through colleges for 10 years.  Angela Started her own Sports Specific Training business in 1999 and continued her passion for the sport after graduating from Montreat College where she finished her Volleyball carrier. She has played overseas while working with Athletes in Action in Costa Rica, Romainia, and other countries.  Angela still plays in tournaments across the east coast and in Feb 2014 she attended the US National Womans team tryout in Colorado, where she met Karch!  Attending Coaching Clinics with "Art of Coaching", graduating with a BS in Excersise Science/Medical Tech and being certified as a Referee for High school and College she has developed the AVA program.

Jason Freeze - Co-Director & Owner -"The Principle"- Jason started playing volleyball in his youth group and continued playing while he attended Clemson University.  Jason has been playing indoor and outdoor volleyball for over 20 years and loves teaching anyone who wants to learn the game. 

For Sponsorship opportunities contact Jason at 843-615-2031.




Katherine Dean "KAT"  Garris - 5yr AVA Coach - Academy Asst. & Coaches Director

(10+ yrs) (Player Position: Middle) - Kat graduated from Appalatchian State playing Volleyball, then continued by coaching 6yrs in travel club around the area, as well as 4yrs as the Head Coach at the High School level.  Kat continues to play in adult tournaments and currently is now in her 6th year coaching at Glenview Middle School as the Head Coach.  She married on April 22nd 2017 to Allen Garris.

Maria Estrella "MIA" - 5yr AVA Coach - Ambassador Travel Director & 17's Head Ambassador Travel Coach

(8+ yrs)  Mia comes to us from Hawaii and has a minor in coaching from Bob Jones University.  She has coached at the high school & college level for over 5yrs, as well as helping run camps locally.  Mia is also currently a Professional Referee throught PAVO for High School & College.  Mia contiunes to play the game and loves sharing the game with all ages.

Holly Gunnels - 5yr AVA Coach - Fundraiser & Community Service Director

(5yrs) - Holly is a volunteer coach for the local Anderson Rec for 2 seasons helping with the developmental age Volleyball League.  She also continues to play volleyball on a competitive level in tournaments and adult leagues.  Holly is one of the front runners as she has been coaching skill sessions for North Pointe Elementary School.

Tammy Smith - Admin/Payments (email: atownvboffice@gmail.com)

Lauren VonIns - Information/Event Director & FCA Partnership Ambassador (email: atownvbinfo@gmail.com)



Lindsey Pate - 4yr AVA Coach (8yrs) - 17U Academy Lead Coach
(Player position: Outside & Defense) - Lindsey played volleyball in high school with a very successful career ending with three state champtionship appereances, and 1 state title.  Lindsey also ran track and field at  UNC Charlotte during college.  After college she has continued to play volleyball recreationally in both indoor and outdoor volleyball tournaments and leagues and recently moved to Greenville where she wanted to stay involved.  Lindsey enjoys coaching different sports as she works as a physical therapist in Easley.

 Tiffany Smith - 3yr AVA Coach - 17U Academy Coach
 (More to Come)
Ashley Leavitt - 2yr AVA Coach - 16U Acadmey Lead Coach
(More to Come)
Leslie Jury - 1yr AVA Coach - 16U Academy Coach  
(More to Come)
Racheal Brubaker - 1yr AVA Coach - 15U Acadmey Lead Coach
(More to Come)
Malory Sanders - 4yr AVA Coach (5yrs) 
Mallory is currently attending Clemson University as a student and has a passion for volleyball and coaching.  Once Malory graduated high school she knew staying involved with volleyball was her calling.  During her high school career she played Basketball, softball and volleyball.  She is in her 4th season at Edwards Elementary as Head Coach.  During the fall while coaching she met Angela with AVA and immediately fell in love with the program.
Alexis Williams - 4yr AVA Coach - 14U Academy Lead Coach 
(More to Come)
Emily Claypool - 3yr AVA Coach - 14U Academy Coach  
Emily came to ATown after her Sr. season playing volleyball at Pendleton High School. She is from Townville, SC and now is  currently a sophomore at Anderson University studying to enter the field of Physical Therapy. She states: "I love the sport of volleyball and being able to share that love with the kids is what I love about coaching." She is entering into her third year on coaching staff and become a lead coach for the 14 age group. 
Kalyn Brown - 2yr AVA Coach & 2 yr AVA player - 13U Academy Coach  
(More to Come)
Hadley Smith- 2yr AVA Coach & 4yr AVA player - 12U Academy Coach  
Hadley was one or the origanal players when AVA was first established in 2013, she has been playing volleyball for 7 years. She is attending Pendleton High School and playing volleyball currently. She shares her thoughts about volleyball at ATown, "I absolutely love coaching! Teaching girls about a sport that I love so much, is the best way to end a day! Seeing my players get excited about being active and learning about volleyball is the best feeling in the world! Ive always had the most amazing coaches who inspired me through how they’ve coached me and that made me want to be come a coach. I’ve grown up around Atown. I have been playing under Coach Freeze since I was 10. She brought me to Atown and I’ve been under her wing ever since!"  Hadley coaches our 12U Academy local players and brings a high level of energy to encourage and teach them.  She has wanted to coach for AVA since she was 10 years old and in her first season with us, that goal and dream is now a reality.  What an amazing player and coach she has become. 
Bri Naumuk - 1yr AVA Coach & 2yr AVA player - 12U Academy Coach
(More to Come)
Lindsey Rogers - 1 yr AVA Coach - 12U Academy Lead Coach
15+ coaching experience including club, academy, clinics, camps, and private sessions.
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Maria Estrella "MIA" - 5yr AVA Coach - 16 & 17 Lead Coach 
Dejhana Cotton - 1yr AVA Coach - 17's Ambassador Travel Coach
Clemson Volleyball Player
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Dana Szymkowicz - 1yr AVA Coach - 17's Ambassador Travel Coach 
Dana is originally from Detroit, MI and is currently pursuing her PhD at Clemson University. She played throughout high school and for 2 years as a MB/OH in college (NJCAA). She has coached at the AAU national level for 5 years, played for the Clemson Club Volleyball team for two years, and coached the club team for 1 year.  Dana is still playing competitively at tournaments and adult leagues, and recently got connected with AVA. She is extremely excited to get back into coaching again and share her passion for the sport with young athletes.
Brionna Morse - 2yr AVA Coach- 16's Ambassador Travel Coach
*2016/2017 16's Regional Champ, Club team member 4 yrs - 4yrs coaching experience
(More to Come)
Tessie Estrella - 5yr AVA Coach -  15's & 14's Ambassador Travel Lead Coach
(More to Come)
Katlyn VonIns - 2yr AVA Coach - 15's Ambassador Travel Coach  
Current player at SWU 
(More to Come)
Maggie Jones - 2yr AVA Coach - 15's Ambassador Travel Coach  
Current player at SWU
(More to Come)
Tatianna Grodecky - 2yr AVA Coach - 14's Ambassadors Travel Coach
Played at Anderson University - (More to Come)
Jackson Moody - 2yr AVA Coach - 14U Ambassador Travel Coach  
(More to Come)
Alysa Burke - 2yr AVA Coach-  12 & 13 Lead Coach & 13's Ambassador Travel Head Coach
*2016/2017 16's Regional Champ, Club team member 4 yrs - 4yrs coaching experience
(More to Come)
Ben Morgan - 1yr AVA Coach - 12U Ambassador Travel Head Coach
Over 20 years of coaching 
(More to Come)
Ashley Graber - 1yr AVA Coach- 2016 ATown player - 12's Ambassador Travel Asst. Coach
(More to Come)
Anna Ellis - 1yr AVA Coach- 2016 ATown player - 12's Ambassador Travel Asst. Coach
(More to Come)
5 Additional staff members still being updated!
All ATown Ambassador teams have a Lead coach, Head coach and Asst. coach! 


Christian Lemieux - 3yr AVA Coach - CORE Strength & Conditioning Program Director

(more to come)

Jim Norman "Jeep Jim" - 4yr AVA Coach - CORE Strength & Conditioning Coach
(20+ yrs) (Player position: Outdoor) - Started playing "Way Back When" and ran volleyball tournaments in Clemson for 15+ years.  Jim has been playing outdoor with Jr. players over the past 2yrs, helping them grow and reach a new level of the game.  He has been in the coaching field in many aspects and has a passion to see the sport continue to grow.  Jim is dedicated to life fitness and is very knowledgeable in the field of professional athletics.



Eli Valentine - 3yr AVA Coach 2014/15 - College Recruiter

(15+ yrs) - Eli was born in New York and grew up in a volleyball family.  He has been coaching from a young age and has dedicated his life to teaching the game.  Eli has been involved with many club programs, player and team camps along the east coast, and actively involved with Hillcrest High School in Simpsonville.  Eli comes to AVA after coaching at the college level for over 5 years.  His joy and passion for developing the player from the basic level has become his main focus over the past year so AVA was a perfect fit. 

Marlie Bryant Yon "MarMar"- 4yr AVA Coach (7 yrs) (Player position : Right & Defense) 
Marlie Comes to AVA after graduating Anderson University where she played at a high level.  Marlie has coached club volleyball for over 3 years and used her knowledge of the game at BHP High School where she coached 1 yr.  She still plays in tournaments while training at CrossFit Electric to better her fitness for the game.
Joanna Watkins - 2yr AVA Coach - Current Atown Adult Player & Coach - Current Coach at Palmetto High (More to Come)
Alexa Rand - 2yr AVA Coach-(3 yrs)(Player position : Middle) - Clemson Volleyball Alumni & played overseas for a year after graduating from Clemson University.  She has returned to Clemson University to continue her education in the Masters program.  To read more about Alexa, her Clemson Volleyball Bio: www.clemsontigers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=28500&ATCLID=20552947

Tae Hayward - 4yr AVA Coach - (10+ yrs) 
(More to Come)
Emily Timms - 2yr AVA Coach
Former player at Wofford 
(More to Come)
 Katie Daemicke - 2yr AVA Coach
(More to Come)
Lynn Avant "AVANT" - 2yr AVA Coach - Master Coach (25+ yrs) 
Avant is the current Head Coach at Hillcrest High School.  She has been coaching high school and club for many years.  Avant went to college on a basketball scholarship and was recruited to the Volleyball program as a setter.  AVA has traveled to help with on court training at Hillcrest and we are excited she has come on board.  Avant has over 10 state championships and many additional awards as to her coaching and volleyball programs in club and in high school.

Deana Kim - 2yrs AVA Coach - Position Coach (7 yrs)(Player position: Setter & Defense) 

Deana graduated from Daniel High School where she was the setter for the state championship team.  She then went on to play at Clemson University on the club team.  Deana has continued to play & coach over the past 7 years.  Deana has coached the Clemson camps for 5 years, and since graduating and has helped with local high school teams around the Greenville and Anderson area.  She has coached club teams from ages 14 to 18yrs for the past 5 years as a volunteer coach.  She is a talented player and a coach who has a high level of understanding and skill for the game.

John Sawtell - 1yr AVA Coach - Skills Coach (2 yrs)(Player position: Outdoors) 

John has been around the volleyball world for sometime.  Over the past year John has returned to the game and has been playing in the Atown tournaments with Jr players to help them advance their knowledge and skill of the game.  He has been helping with skill clinics and coaching for many years.  John has a passion to see the next generation grow in the game and find an outlet in staying active in positive activities.

Mindy Salley - 4yrs AVA Coach - Position Coach (9 yrs)(Player position: Setter & Defense) 

Mindy was raised in a volleyball family, where she was coached by her mom growing up.  Salley played at Anderson University and once she graduated began coaching at a local high school, BHP for 6yrs.  She continued playing both indoor and outdoor volleyball through the years at a high level, traveling up and down the east coast.  She is currently in her 3rd season as an Asst. coaches at Hillcrest High School where they Won the State Championship 2013/14.

Cameron Paul - 2yr AVA TRAINING Coach - Owner of "Cameron's Dojo" Karate & Kickboxing.  

(Bio coming soon)


Angele Drouilhet - 3yr AVA Coach - Mentorship Program Director & Coach (8yrs) (Player position : Setter & Defense) 

 Angele currently plays on the Clemson Club team and has helped with Clemson camps for 2 years.  She started coaching club for with the developmental team at TCA Philly, and continues to help with clinics back home.  Angele is involved with FCA and continues to help girls of all ages reach their goals through volleyball. 






  AVA offers coaching clinics to answer any questions you may have in regards to coaching, line-ups, games, rotations, and more. 



  Here at A-Town we have a passion for building knowledgeable and confident coaches.  Our Coaching program helps you grow and become more comfortable with all areas of coaching.  We can't teach heart, but we can teach you how to coach! :)



Would like to be on the AVA Coaching Staff?
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AVA is offering coaches clinics to help build great coaches!

Cost: $45

Site: Civic Center

Dates: TBA


This clinic will include material for you to keep, court interactive time, Q/A time and more!

To Register: Click on the link and submit your registration https://form.jotform.co/form/32806779963875


(Must have 5 to run clinic.  We will let you know prior to clinic date if we need to move date)


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